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In the Beginning...

During the recent move to their current house,

it was pointed out that far too high a % of

the removal lorry contents was Cat's art, craft and face paint supplies.

As the new house had a chalet in the garden,

the idea for a Craft Cabin was born.

An online shop to sell items Cat is often commissioned for,

or has already designed for her own use,

with an actual craft studio where she and others can create and learn.

The garden & chalet are currently under construction,

much like this shop,

but will be open for craft courses this year.

Cat grew up in Scotland & the jungles of Belize.

Inspired by her crafty mum to make & decorate things, art has always been in her life. 

After Art College, a BSc & a Science PGCE,

Cat worked in education for years (starting at the Natural History Museum)

whilst taking as many craft courses as she could.

She ran arty wildlife days, from Bat Nights, Lantern Making

and Wild Art to Willow Weaving, at her nature reserve. 

Whilst a Zoo Education Officer she discovered face painting,

and became a full-time artist. 

As well as decorating kids at parties or adults at the Hong Kong Rugby 7's,

Cat designs murals, Urban Art statues, and hand made decor and gifts. 

She creates headpieces and props and using corn, paper and yoga mats.

Cricut UK invited Cat to be their Crafter of the Month in 2018,

and have since shot short videos with her.

Cat is also a Cricut Ambassador, working in HobbyCraft.

Cat has been UK Professional Face Painter of the Year, and 5th in the World.

A World Bodypaint Championship Finalist, she has won most UK titles in Body Art & Glitter Body Art.

She teaches in colleges and courses around the UK and EU, and judges at industry events.


- England - United Kingdom

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