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Perfect patterns for face painting, body art, makeup, decorating paper/ walls/ fabric, even cakes.


Intricate mylar reusable stencil - 

works with most paints, inks etc by brush, sponge, airbrush, roller.


Wash and re-use.

Clean with a suitable food safe cleaner before using in cake decor


Cut from my hand drawn original drawings designs. 

Papercuts of this interesting fish also available in assorted cards.

(See last photo).




These predators are invading areas such as #barbados where my brother lives.

They are encouraging divers to spear the fish, and cooking them as it's tasty.


Lionfish eat most species and each other, swallowing many whole,

reducing fish populations by 90% in 5 weeks as they eat 30x their stomach volume.

This badly affects coral eco systems where they don't live naturally.


Females lay 1000s of eggs daily so they reproduce fast.

Also called #scorpionfish their spines deliver defensive 

#venom that can affect humans badly but not kill us.



Available in

Can be re-used over and over.
Flexible plastic mylar.
Slightly thinner than many stencils but artists found it bent better onto skin.
Please see my other items, I'm slowly uploading the 100's of designs I sell.


For examples of how to use them, I'm on all social media using them as bodypaintingbycat

Lion Fish STENCIL Scorpion Ocean Art illustration wall art decor body paint

    Step 1: Dampen a face painting sponge (NOT a cosmetic sponge).
    Step 2: Work sponge into a good face paint. 
    Hobbycraft sell Snazaroo, or for better paints try
    Step 3: Hold stencil still & steady on skin with other hand.
    Dab sponge over stencil on skin.

    Step 4: Carefully remove stencil, voila!

  • Clean with rubbing alcohol or disinfect before using for edibles.
    Clean gently with soap or rubbing alcohol for skin/ craft uses.


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