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One RECTANGLE shaped stencil of the FINLAND flag.


(It is almost the same shape as Denmark Sweden Norway Iceland so you could do those flags with it as well - they just have slightly thinner crosses or 2 colours in the cross).


If you have sports events, you need these stencils!

Quick, perfect and neat results.

1. Sponge or airbrush white through the square shape.

2. Let dry then sponge or airbrush blue through the cross.



For face & body art, cake and sugar craft decor
(if cleaned with a suitable food safe cleaner 1st),
and many more crafts.

Available here is ONE RECTANGLE FINNISH flag in various sizes, 


Available on my other listings as SCOTTISH FLAG STENCIL

and assorted UK FLAG shapes.

FINLAND Flag STENCIL RECTANGLE Denmark Sweden Norway Iceland facepaint art

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