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Designing My Dorset PaperCut Landscape Art

I've always loved sketching, especially when I ran out of books in Belize, or was at school in the West Highlands of Scotland.

Some I have kept and framed, but owning a Cricut gave me ideas of more colourful keepsakes using my original sketches.

My eldest, hubby and myself had tried and failed to get on with various drawing apps and tablets, so we finally bought our 1st iPad and Apple pencil. I immediately bought Procreate and was drawing within minutes, so I really recommend it. (My kids use it for homework and art fun too.)

From memory, sketches and photos I started drawing my favourite old haunts.

I began with Dorset as I spent so many years staring at the coastline as I taught Field Studies on it. We have holidayed there as much as we could - even more since my mum bought a family caravan there in 2020, so it was ingrained in my brain as I sat homeschooling during lockdown.

Chesil Beach is one of my favourite places so I tried to work out how to layer my sketch to work as a 3D papercut I exported the Procreate .png to my laptop.

I opened it in Inkscape on my MacBook and pretty much adjusted it node by node.

When I thought I had it, I exported it as an .svg and imported it to Cricut Design Space.

And, there you go.

I made this sample in 'natural' shades in glitter cardstock but many other options from neon to pop art to metallics are possible.

Order yours here

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