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Removable stickers to add to the back or your laptop (or a canvas, a wall, any surface really).


Please choose

POSITIVE  - angular web of lines in a circle frame - 

or NEGATIVE - broader flat pieces where the lid of your laptop will show through as the lines, with no circular border strip.


If you have an opal colour preference (red-gold, blue-gold, pink-purple) or any other colour, please messages us.


Each artwork is cut from the sticky-back vinyl of your choice.


These all change colour from every angle, I will upload a video.


Available as

12 inch fit

13 inch fit

15 inch fit

and more


Either drop in to her Bristol Craft Cabin, and Cat will apply the design to your laptop, or it can be posted out for you to DIY.


Please see my other items, I'm slowly uploading the 100's of designs I sell.

Floral Geometric - Laptop Decal Sticker

  • 1. Thouroughly clean the outer lid of your maptop, and shut it.

    2. Carefully peel the waxy paper layer of the decal off, making sure all parts of the vinyl stay stuck to the clear transfer sheet.

    3. Rub a clean damp cloth over the lid to slightly moisten the surface. (Water damage to laptop at your own risk).

    4. Lightly position the decal where you want it on the laptop lid. The moisture should give you a little chance to slide it about if in the wrong place.

    5. Using gentle pressure rub over the clear carrier sheet to press the vinyl onto your lid.

    6. Starting at 1 corner, gently peel away the clear transfer tape, making sure all vinyl sticks to the lid. If any piece stay on the tape press tape back down, rub gently and try again.

    7. After removing all the tape, gently press down any bubbles, or carefully peel and reposition any parts as desired.


    Leave to dry - glue will be set after 24 hours.


    These stickers are fairly tough but can be scratched/ peeled off if required. use isopropy alcohol to remove any residue.


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