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Perfect patterns for face painting, body art, makeup, 
decorating paper/ walls/ fabric, 
even cakes & sugar craft (if cleaned with isopropyl or suitable food safe cleaner).
Fun and slightly different to the rest of my Pride stencils!

Try using with rainbow paint.

Available in
Small - approx 11 cm/ 4 inches long
Medium - approx 15 cm/ 5 inches long
Large - approx 20 cm/ 6 inches long
X-Large 7 inches
A4 - 29 cm/ 11.5 inches long
Slightly larger possible on request or split into A4 sections

Can be re-used over and over.
Flexible plastic mylar.
Slightly thinner than many stencils, but artists found it bent better onto skin so preferred it.
As an award winning face painter for the last 20 years, I made these originally for myself. 
I'm often painting for events wanting 1 minute faces for huge crowds.
These speed up and neaten my work.
Stencils up to A4 available. Please see my other listings, or message me for custom orders.

For examples of how to use them in body art, I'm on all social media using them as bodypaintingbycat & catscraftcabin


Heart Pride LGBTO Love Word Rainbow Valentine Stencil

    Step 1: Dampen a face painting sponge (NOT a cosmetic sponge).
    Step 2: Work sponge into a good face paint. 
    Hobbycraft sell Snazaroo, or for better paints try
    Step 3: Hold stencil still & steady on skin with other hand.
    Dab sponge over stencil on skin.

    Step 4: Carefully remove stencil, voila!

  • Clean with rubbing alcohol or disinfect before using for edibles.
    Clean gently with soap or rubbing alcohol for skin/ craft uses.


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