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Intricate original papercuts of this interesting fish, from hand drawn designs Cat made.


A4 width or 12 inches approximately.

Larger sizes or multiple fish on background on request. 


Any colour combination possible, in a mix of glitter or plain matt cardstock, patterned sheets available for the single layer fish.


Patterned cardstock available for this too, pics coming.

Single-layer fish on background, £25 (pics soon)

Multi-layer fish on background £35


Please note: the marbled papers are handmade so will each be unique.


Posted unframed to keep costs down/ maintain Covid sheilding.


Also called #searobins they use large blue pectoral fins to 'fly' and can talk to each other by drumming their swim bladder. Their other name of #feelerfish is caused by the set a of 3 sensitive feelers they 'walk' along the seabed searching for crabs etc to eat.

Gurnard Fish Papercut Art

  • Custom made, non-returnable.

    Please state preferred colour scheme for fish and background when ordering - we can help, just ask!

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