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I love recreating the Mary Anning Fossils (and others) I talked about every day when I worked at the Natural History Museum.


I still dream of owning a real one, but this is my solution!


To begin with choose either:

Plesiosaur (large marine reptile, Jurassic)

Triceratops (herbivorous  dinosaur, late Cretaceous)

Velociraptor (carnivorous dinosaur, late Cretaceous)

Dinosaur era words/ names (can add a persoanlised name) - on another listing here.

More designs soon!


Fossil 'bones' are built up in layers of 3d texture paste. I am currently making these in an anthracite grey chalk paint finish, splattered with iridescent navy, white and black acrylic. 


They are then coated with a water based varnish and a slight dusting or iridescent glitter, to give a subtle stone like finish.


At the moment,  canvas sizes are 16 x 12 inches (30x 40 cm)


Larger sizes/ other colours will be available on request.

Please Note:

These are handmade and the finish/ splatter may vary slightly as may the background textures. The main dinosaur itself will be almost identical to the images shown.


Please allow 3 days before postage as they are made to order.


Customised matching dino word art available on another listing


Free shipping within UK.

Outside UK please contact Cat for costs.

As a guide its usually about £25 to ship 1 tracked canvas to the USA taking 7 business days.



Dinosaur fossil 3D texture canvas icthyosaur Velociraptor Plesiosaur Triceratops

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