I love recreating the Mary Anning Fossils (and others) I talked about every day when I worked at the Natural History Museum.


I still dream of owning a real one, but this is my solution!


To begin with choose either:

Plesiosaur (large marine reptile, Jurassic)

Triceratops (herbivorous  dinosaur, late Cretaceous)

Velociraptor (carnivorous dinosaur, late Cretaceous)

More designs soon!


Fossil 'bones' are built up in layers of 3d texture paste. I am currently making these in an anthacite grey chalk paint finish, splattered with iridescent navy, white and black acrylic. 


They are then coated with a water based varnish and a slight dusting or iridescent glitter, to give a subtle stone like finish.


At the moment,  canvas sizes are 16 x 12 inches (30x 40 cm)


Larger sizes/ other colours will be available on request.

Please Note:

These are handmade and the finish/ splatter may vary slightly as may the background textures. The main dinosaur itself will be almost identical to the images shown.


Please allow 3 days before postage as they are made to order.


Customised matching dino word art available on another listing


Free shipping within UK.

Outside UK please contact Cat for costs.



Dinosaur fossil 3D texture canvas Velociraptor Plesiosaur Triceratops

Dinosaur Type

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