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#6 in my UK Landscape series-
Multi -layered 3D landscape of #CliftonSuspensionBridge with #Bristol.


I loved being here during my final degree and we need to visit it more now we have moved back to live here!


The Clifton Bridge in the photo is in Grey colourway;

The Durdle in the photo is in Grey colourway;

Kimmeridge is in Blue Colourway, 

Chesil Beach is in Natural,

Bridport is in Metallic Monotones.


Note - these are made to order so may take several days to post.


All now have the final top layer with foiled title and my signature/ website that fills the entire frame,  as in Bridport/ Clifton.
An original design of mine , I convert my sketches to 3D cuts.
Glitter, pearl and matt cardstock.
6 inch/ 20cm square version

Framed £42, inc postage.  (2  frame styles available, and several colours,  ask or I can send photos).


If you have a landscape you would like me to create, I do custom orders as well.


Free shipping within UK.

Outside UK please contact Cat for costs.

As a guide its usually about £25 to ship 1 tracked canvas to the USA taking 7 business days.

Clifton Suspension Bridge Bristol Brunel 3D Papercut layered Landscape Art

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