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Fishing Art - wall mounted non-smelly Fish!

I've always loved drawing wildlife and in fact after art college did a BSc in Biological Imaging which mixed science with film & illustration.

I'm finally creating illustrations, with a fun twist.

I plan a whole series of these papercuts, each based on a different species/ family. Due to several birthdays for family who like fish, my first designs are both sea-inspired.

So - to begin with, a Gurnard, a Marlin, and a Lionfish. All are intricately cut from glitter or plain cardstock.

You can order either a multi-layered cut with various colours and textures (can be changed to match your theme/ decor) on a background,

Or a single layer with just the topmost fish added to a handmade paper background so that shows through it.

Ths single layer simpler cuts can be made from patterned papers too. I'm seeing a chintzy range on plain backgrounds I think...

What species/ family next? Birds? Insects?

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